Feuersalamander am Gütersteiner Wasserfall

Nature Conservation


Urach Waterfall

The Urach waterfall is situated in the heart of a nature reserve and is protected as a geotope (a special or natural monument with high scientific value) and forest biotope.

A special phenomenon can be observed here: in the area of the waterfalls, the calcareous water loses part of the lime, which sticks to the existing moss cushions and covers them with a layer of lime. New layers are constantly being formed and meter-thick deposits can form over thousands of years. You can literally watch the porous rock tufa stone grow! The calcareous tuff with the mosses are a valuable habitat for insects, among other things, which in turn are food for other creatures such as the fire salamander.

Help protect this valuable habitat, this natural wonder of the Swabian Jura: Please use the signposted paths and avoid entering the area of the waterfall. The delicate Tuff structures are very vulnerable and when stepped on they are destroyed.