Spa taxes

As a recognised health resort and spa in the heart of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Swabian Alb, Bad Urach and its districts levy a visitor's spa tax. The general regulations can be found in the Bad Urach visitor's tax statute.

Bad Urach is a state-approved spa. A visitor's tax is charged to finance tourist facilities and must be paid by every guest, regardless of whether the facilities are used.

Spa district I (Spa center and core town Bad Urach)
Spa district II (Bad Urach districts: Hengen, Seeburg, Sirchingen, Wittlingen. Campsite Pfählhof, Youth Hostel, Naturfreundehaus und Haus auf der Alb)   

BETRAG PRO PERSON UND NACHT / Amount per person, per night.

Tourist tax reduction for people with a severely handicapped ID and tourist tax exemption for accompanying persons

Guests who stay overnight in Bad Urach and have a severely handicapped ID card (80% degree of disability) can receive a 50% tourist tax reduction.

Medically necessary accompanying carers (who are noted on the severely disabled persons ID card) can receive a visitor's tax exemption upon request.

To receive a reduction / exemption you must fill out an application form and present the ID card. Before you start your journey, download the application and send it to the Bad Urach spa administration, together with a copy of the ID card (front and back). The notification of reduction / exemption will then be available to your accommodation provider on arrival.
If you are already in Bad Urach, stop by the Bad Urach spa administration and submit the application to us directly. We will then give you the notification for your accommodation provider. Please bring your handicapped ID and your guest card with you. You can also have your accommodation provider submit the application on your behalf. To do this, please give them a copy (front and back) of the severely handicapped ID and the filled out application.

Exemption from spa tax for people working in Bad Urach.

According to Section 43 (2) of the Municipal Tax Act of Baden-Württemberg and Section 2 (3) of the Bad Urach Tourist Tax Statute, there is no tourist tax obligation for people who work in Bad Urach. However, every guest is always required to register on arrival so the registration form must always be filled in and sent to the spa administration.
Visitors who stay overnight in Bad Urach and who work in the town during their stay can apply to be exempt from paying the spa tax by filling out the form below, and submitting it to the Bad Urach spa administration, with confirmation from their employers that they are working in Bad Urach.