Guest card

The services listed in the guest card are available to all visitors to Bad Urach, Gomadingen, Hayingen and Sonnenbühl-Erpfingen, irrespective of which of the spa towns you are staying in.

The guest card provides you, our valued visitors, with an attractive, varied and interesting range of services that is partially financed by the local spa tax you pay. Yes, it's the spa tax that makes it possible and all of it used to benefit our visitors directly. The tax is necessary to enable us to offer you all the amenities you will find here.

Praktische Infos Gästekarte
erhalten Sie viele Vorteile und Ermäßigungen mit der Gästekarte von Bad Urach

Leisure facilities
Münsingen Outdoor Pool (reduced entry)
Bad Urach Outdoor Hillside Pool (reduced entry)
Zwiefalten Outdoor Hillside Pool (reduced entry)
Hayingen-Anhausen Minigolf Course (reduced entry)
Pit-Pat tables at AZUR-Rosencamping Sonnenbühl-Erpfingen (reduced entry) Summer bob sleigh course Sonnenbühl-Erpfingen (reduced entry)
Sternberg Indoor Pool in Gomadingen with sauna, solarium and massage (reduced entry)

AlbThermen Bad Urach (single ticket at reduced price)

Culture, visitor attractions
Sternberg viewing tower, Gomadingen (free on weekdays, reduced entry Sundays and public holidays)
Haupt-und Landgestüt Gomadingen-Marbach/Lauter horse stud, guided tours (reduced price)
Spa concerts in Bad Urach

Engstingen Vehicle Museum (Good Friday to the end of October, reduced entry) Farmhouse Museum, Hohenstein-Ödenwaldstetten (May to October, reduced entry)
Stud Museum Gomadingen-Offenhausen (reduced entry)
Easter Egg Museum Sonnenbühl-Erpfingen (approximately 4 weeks before Easter to 1 November, reduced entry)
Ducal Palace, Bad Urach (reduced entry)
Hayingen Outdoor Theatre, (Performances: July to beginning of September, reduced entry)
Special events organised by the Spa Authority Bad Urach
KulturMomente, concerts, guided herb walks, evening walks Guided tours of Bad Urach (reduced entry)
Guided tours of Hayingen (reduced entry)
Schwäbische Alb Biosphere Centre, Old Barracks in Münsingen (reduced price single ticket)

Guided hikes and tours: Bad Urach, Hayingen, caves
Bärenhöhle cave, Sonnenbühl-Erpfingen (April to October daily, March + November Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, reduced price)
Nebelhöhle cave, Sonnenbühl-Genkingen (April to October daily, March + November Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, reduced price)
Wimsen cave Hayingen (April to October, boat ride, reduced price)

Balloon rides with the Sonnenbühl Ballonsportgruppe (Ballooning Group) (reduced price)
Glider or powered craft flights, Luftsport-Verein Hayingen (Aviation Sports Club), (weekends, reduced price).
Powered flight - ultralight / hour
Powered glider/ hour
Glider approx. 20 min
Gomadingen Tennis Courts (hire by the hour for non-members with guest card only)
Hayingen Tennis Courts (court hire/hour)
Gyrocopter flights from Hayingen airfield 1/2 hour (reduced price)

Public transport in Bad Urach (reduced price)
Public transport around Hayingen and district - free with guest card. Otherwise normal prices set by the railway authority.Freizeiteinrichtungen