Healing effects of thermal mineral water

The natural health benefits of Bad Urach, lies in the thermal mineral water. The underground mineral spring well up from a depth of 770 meters depth with a source temperature of 61 degrees. For use within various indoor and outdoor pools, it is cooled to a comfortable 32 to 38 degrees. The thermal mineral water has a relaxing and regenerating property.

Healing springs from the depths of the mountains

For over 150 years, the area around Bad Urach is known as a geological anomaly. Scientists came to the conclusion that hyper thermal mineral water must certainly be found in the volcanic site in a deep borehole. In 1969 the three locals Eugen Haas, Max Olpp, Eugen Rühle and the Ministerial Councilor Dr. Rudolf Illing took up the idea. They founded the "Ermstal-Bohrgesellschaft mbH" and "Ermstal-Bohrgesellschaft mbH & Co KG" to utilize the thermal water reservoir. The cost of the boring was raised by Urach's citizens. The drilling was started in early 1970 and in fact hot water was found at a depth of 770 meters.

Therapeutic benefits for the following ailments:

- Degenerative and inflammatory joint disease
- Diseases of the spine and back muscles
- Accident treatment and rehabilitation after joint surgery
- Vegetative dystonia and nervous disorders
- Cardiac vascular and circulatory diseases
- Neurological conditions

Please note, if you suffer from the following conditions, we recommend you do not use the Spa:

- Acute rheumatic fever
- Fresh inflammations
- Heart and circulatory diseases
- Cachectic states
- Heart failure NYHA stage 3 from
- Cardiac arrhythmia from Lown 3b
- Respiratory failure


Heilwasseranalyse AlbThermen
Heilwasseranalyse AlbThermen