Uracher waterfall

The Urach waterfall is probably the most famous of the Swabian Alb and is one of the special attractions of the "UNESCO Global Geopark Swabian Alb" and the UNESCO-recognized "Biosphere Area Swabian Alb".

Visiting the waterfall is an absolute ‘must’ for every visitor to Bad Urach.
Nearly 40 meters high, the water streams from the high point over the Albtruffkante into the depths below.

What makes the Urach waterfall so unique are the different perspectives from which one can observe this natural spectacle. From below you can marvel at how the water streams down into the depths and then winds down over moss-covered stones into little streams in the valley below. As you climb the steep steps on the side of the falls, you will get new perspectives of this natural wonder. Once at the top of the Hochwiese, you can finally watch from the bridge over the waterfall as the water falls over the Tuffstone ledge.
Not only the waterfall itself, but also the untouched nature surrounding the area, make the hike to the Urach waterfall a unique experience.

How do I get to the waterfall?

The starting point for hikes or walks to the Urach waterfall is the hiking park Maisental (P23)* in Bad Urach. From there, the flat and well signposted gravel road leads about 2 km along the Brühlbach to the Maisental and is also accessible with a pushchair or children’s buggy. At the foot of the waterfall, you can then ascend upwards on stone steps, following the length of one of the largest waterfalls in the Swabian Alb. The winding path leads upwards to the Hochwiese Wasserfall point.
At the top there is a resting place with a snack hut and it’s a good spot to have a relaxing break and enjoy the views. If you want, you can bring your own BBQ goods and use the grilling areas located there.

*Note: If the car park is full, there are further parking possibilities opposite in the Kurzentrum (P1), by the main road. The railway station "Bad Urach Wasserfall" is also only 500m from the start point of the hike, so to begin the journey by public transport is also an option.

Which hikes lead to the Urach waterfall?

Germany's most beautiful hiking trail - Wasserfallsteig Bad Urach: On the Wasserfallsteig, hikers experience the majestic nature of the Uracher and the Gütersteiner waterfall, but also the views from the ridge of the Alb into the valley below and far beyond to the castle ruins of Teck, Hohenneuffen and Hohenurach. An unforgettable experience, a hiking tour on this varied route is certainly worthwhile...

Tour 8 - Around the waterfall: This circular hiking trail takes you from the Urach waterfall halfway up to the foot of the castle ruins of Hohenurach. The views are stunning from the fortress, so it’s worth the effort to walk right to the top. 
Tour 9 - Im Maisental: This relaxing hike leads you through the remarkable landscape of the Maisental, past the Güstsiner and the Urach waterfalls.