UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Swabian Alb

The Swabian Alb - honored by UNESCO.

In 2008 the town of Bad Urach partnered together with 28 municipalities in the Swabian Alb and surrounding areas to create the Swabian Alb Biosphere Reserve. The regions model of sustainability - coexistence between man and nature - has been awarded in 2009 as a recognized UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The biosphere area covers a 40 km long north-south axis, and thus extends from Albvorland over the steep escarpment and the Alb plateau, to the Danube in the south.

Within the Swabian Alb biosphere area there are three zones, each with their own goals. In the core zone, the focus is on nature, the idea being that the core zone should be able to continue and develop without intervention or management from people. 

In the maintenance zone, the cultural landscape of the Swabian Alb should be kept alive through a use of traditional methods and usage and in the outer development zone, there are no restrictions.

Like the other 651 biosphere reserves in 120 countries worldwide (as of June 2015), the area had to meet certain requirements for recognition by UNESCO.

The slopes and ravine forests are unique geographical features of the Albtrauf. However, the landscape of orchards at the foot of the Albs and the variation of heathland, wild grasslands, meadows, arable land and forests also characterize our biosphere area.

Our region is not only shaped by the physical landscape but also by its people and businesses, who contribute to the success of our objectives as a Biosphere Reserve. You can also experience the biosphere area in the regional produce and environmental consideration offered by businesses. Our two hosts Biosphere Hotel Graf Eberhard and Flair Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten offer a range of regional products and environmental management certification also sets them apart from other offerings. Also our Spa "AlbThermen" sets the highest standards of the day in the field of energy management, a commitment which has won them awards. Special offers in education can be found in the environmentally friendly Youth Hostel Bad Urach or educational partners of the biosphere area.

For more information visit the homepage of the biosphere area Swabian Alb.