Lichtenstein, the fairy-tale castle of the Swabian Alb

Lichtenstein Castle is a historic 19th century castle, it lies on the Albtrauf of the Swabian Alb at an altitude of 817m above sea level.

Inspired by the novel "Lichtenstein" by Wilhelm Hauff, the castle was built in neo-gothic style in 1840-1842. The site around the neo-Gothic castle is composed of other buildings from the 19th century, a chapel, an ample garden and the romantic courtyard. In the restored bedchambers of Count Wilhelm of Wurttemberg, the sumptuous splendor of late-romantic living culture is revealed.
Built to pay homage to medieval times, Lichtenstein Castle is also known as “Württemberg´s fairytale castle” as it adheres to romanticism in style and furnishing.
Only a stone´s throw away from the castle, daredevils can swing through the trees high up in the air. The Lichtenstein Castle Ropes Course gives everyone from eight years upwards the chance to prove one´s climbing skills.

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