Blaubeuren with Blautopf and monastery

Hardly any city is so connected with prehistoric times as Blaubeuren. Picturesque and full of Swabian hospitality, Blaubeuren offers its visitors unexpected insights into different epochs of history of the earth and of mankind - some still full of myths and secrets.

In the center of Blaubeuren you will find the Blautopf, a crystal-clear pool which marks the start of a massive underground cave system which branches off over ten kilometers below the Swabian Alb. In Blaubeuren you will find the traces of eras left behind Blaubeuren and the Achtal valley were also home to Neanderthal man whose traces can still be found there, even now.

In the Middle Ages, Benedictine monks founded one of the most important monasteries of Württemberg, with its particularly fine high altar which is worth seeing. A further jewel of the completely preserved monastery complex, is the bath house of the monks, the only remaining one preserved in Germany. Preserving the regions cultural history is the Heimatmuseum, which is today a unique exhibition space.
Located on the Donauradwanderweg and equipped with an extensive hiking network, the Blautopfstadt offers nature lovers a multifaceted leisure program.
The Blautopf was also an inspiration and setting for the "History of the Beautiful Lau" created by the lyricist Eduard Mörike, a romantic tale which tells of a water-nymph who lives at the bottom of the Blue Pool. The natural wonder Blautopf is today one of the most popular excursion destinations of the Swabian Alb and a trip to Blaubeuren is always well rewarded.

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