It’s often the simple pleasures that make life enjoyable. A walk to the Urach waterfall, a good meal with regional Swabian cuisine, a good wine from the Metzinger vineyards, or even listening to the Swabians while chatting.

If you are traveling in Bad Urach, you will recognize the diversity of the city at the foot of the Swabian Alb. An experience for every holidaymaker is on offer: in the summer; hiking through the unique landscape, enjoying Urach’s mountainous outdoor swimming pool, or taking part in many of the sport, leisure or nature activities on offer in the area. In winter cross-country skiing or winter hiking can be enjoyed. If this is all too strenuous, just soak in the culture of Bad Urach and experience the rich history of the historic half-timbered old town.


Are you planning to visit Bad Urach? Bad Urach offers a wide range of leisure activities and is also a great starting point for excursion destinations within the region of the Middle Swabian Alb.


Culture in Bad Urach can be experienced in various ways: the Residenzschloss, the Stiftskirche and the half-timbered building are monumental witnesses to the history of this place. Regular events like Schäferlauf, Herbstliche Musiktage and KulturMoment, where residents and visitor come together, show just how culture and tradition are alive and well in Bad Urach. Take your time and just stroll through the history of the city, letting it soak into your soul.



Food and drink keep body and soul together, as the locals say. In Bad Urach you can taste if this is true. Much of what you find on the plate comes from within the region. Traditional Alb lamb with house-made Spätzle, for example, or the Swabian classic Alb lentils with Spätzle and sausage. For the more adventurous gourmand, you can even get snails on the Alb! Just have a look at our great selection of restaurants.